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Coffee facts you've never heard before

Coffee: A World of Flavours and Curiosities

In the frenzy of everyday life, a cup of coffee is more than a drink; it is a ritual that awakens the senses and feeds the soul. However, behind each sip hides a universe of curiosities that you may not have known about.

Get ready to enter the fascinating world of coffee!

  • The Civet Stool Café:

We start with a rarity. Civet coffee, originally from Indonesia, is produced from beans that have passed through the civet's digestive system. Fermentation in the animal's digestive tract is said to improve the taste of the coffee.

  • The First Coffee Shop:

Did you know that the world's first coffee shop opened in 1475 in Constantinople (now Istanbul)? This unique coffee shop became a meeting place for intellectuals, artists and thinkers.

  • The World's Most Expensive Coffee:

Can you imagine paying $600 for a cup of coffee? That's how much "Kopi Luwak", coffee produced from beans excreted by civets, costs.

  • Coffee and Literature:

Great writers such as Balzac and Voltaire were known for their love of coffee. It is said that Balzac drank up to 50 cups a day to stimulate his creativity and keep him awake during long writing sessions.

  • Coffee in Space:

You thought coffee was a terrestrial experience? Think again! On the International Space Station, astronauts enjoy vacuum-packed coffee, brewed with hot water, and then served with a cup of coffee.

With every sip, coffee tells stories that go beyond its aroma and taste. From its exotic origins to its impact on culture and society, coffee is much more than just a beverage.

Discover in our blog, more about the world of coffee and let every cup be an adventure for your senses!


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