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Don't walk alone

At Marabans Coffee & Tea we are truly passionate with our work. We pay meticulous attention to detail and work hard to ensure that everything flows smoothly towards the pleasurable moment of relaxing over a cup of delicious coffee. 

For this reason, providing you with support and guidance through our technical service is an essential part of what Marabans does.

Our prime objective is to ensure that all our clients receive the finest coffee. In order to do this, our technical service (SAT) pays regular visits to the establishments and monitors the parameters necessary to guarantee optimum results.

We also carry out frequent checks on the equipment to make sure it is in perfect working order at all times, covering aspects such as cleanliness or water quality. We also inspect the coffee in the cup and the end result, including its cream, texture and flavour, as well as the fineness of the ground beans and even the crockery used.    

Coffee grinders, whether "on demand", with instant grinding to preserve all the freshness of recently ground coffee, or automatic grinders with lever dispenser, are also checked by the members of our technical service.

It is essential that the grind, the grinding point of the coffee bean, is always regulated, the blades perfectly sharpened so that the fineness of the ground bean is ideal and established for the coffee machine, as well as the right one for the specific characteristics of the blend, in order to offer and serve the best result to the final customer.

When it comes to excellence, every detail counts 

Marabans technical service will always ensure that the equipment, steam lances, water filters, ladles, filter holders, mills or any other small detail is in perfect condition to obtain the best results and always offer the highest quality to your customers.

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At Marabans Coffee & Tea we have a technical team of coffee experts specialised in the maintenance of our equipments.

A dedicated technical team of coffee experts and maintenance specialists will ensure that all the Marabans equipment is in perfect working condition, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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