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Contact with us Marabans Coffee & Tea

Marabans is situated at Dels Sestadors 23 street, Polígono Industrial de Can Picafort, Mallorca, Baleares. 

Do you want to talk with us? You can call us at:

☎ +34 971 59 91 10

For over 20 years, from Mallorca, we have been dedicated to selecting the highest quality coffee and infusions.

Our passion is to teach our customers how to enjoy and prepare the best cup of coffee and tea.

Furthermore, we provide the best service to always walk together.

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Founded in 1997, Marabans Coffee & Tea has established itself in Can Picafort, Mallorca, as a leading name in the sale of coffee for restaurants and hotels.

Coffee means more to us than just a beverage; it represents a part of our cultural heritage. At Marabans, we place special value on the ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee, whether it's the first one in the morning or those shared in good company with friends, colleagues, or loved ones.

Our goal is to transform the ordinary into a unique experience for true coffee enthusiasts, turning each moment into a memorable one.

We aspire for our coffee to leave a lasting impression on our valued customers, sparking the desire for a second cup.

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Marabans at home

You can now enjoy our full range of coffees and teas in the comfort of your home; you decide how and who you wish to share them with.

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We are a benchmark for the professional catering and restaurant sector, offering all the guarantees of more than 25 years’ experience and 800 satisfied clients.

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Marabans Coffee Shop

Our objective was to contact directly with Marabans Lovers, transmitting our passion and learning about their interests and concerns. The result is one venues offering the chance to enjoy the Marabans experience: the Marabans Coffee Shop - Palma.

The essence of Marabans in every cup

Our essence reflects the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.

Disponemos de una selección de 5 blends de café, una línea slow coffee (café de especialidad) y 17 variedades de tés, infusiones y rooibos en diferentes formatos, adaptados a las necesidades de cada negocio. Además, ofrecemos una carta exclusiva de cofftails y combinados diseñada especialmente para nuestros clientes.

En Marabans Coffee & Tea, la pasión por el café y el compromiso con la calidad son la base de nuestro éxito en el sector HORECA, en la venta de café para restaurantes y hoteles.

Nuestra experiencia de más de dos décadas nos ha convertido en un referente en la industria, y seguimos innovando y colaborando con nuestros clientes para brindarles experiencias inolvidables a través de nuestras exclusivas propuestas.

We invite you to discover the authentic taste of coffee and excellence in every cup.