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Experience Manager

At Marabans Coffee & Tea we place our know-how at the disposal of our clients: experience, passion and products of outstanding quality.

Working closely with the Marabans Team, and in particular the Marabans Experience Manager, we encourage and promote “Coffee Culture” awareness, training and preparing our partners’ staff.

Because we know that enjoying an excellent cup of coffee or tea is an experience everyone appreciates, and that like all experiences, requires preparation, organisation and the right moment to guarantee sheer perfection.

Our Experience Manager’s mission is to demonstrate how to prepare the perfect cup of tea or coffee, served at exactly the right temperature, extracting the full aroma and accompanied by its characteristic cream.

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Joan Simó, Marabans’ Experience Manager, boasts extensive knowledge backed by a long-standing career. He effectively transmits his passion for coffee during the training courses held at our academy and through the Marabans Experiences.

Joan Simó is a specialist in his sector and a professional barista certified by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). With more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, he boasts extensive expertise and an in-depth knowledge of this fast-growing business. He is a trainer at the Marabans Academy, at the Fray Juniper Secondary School and the Balearic Islands Hotel School.

Where do we hold the training courses?

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At our workshop

Located in our facilities on the Can Picafort industrial estate (Santa Margalida, Mallorca) where we have all the necessary machinery and equipment, products, filter coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, cups, etc.

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At our Marabans Lab

Also located in the Can Picafort facilities where we have a coffee roaster and, as true tasters, we can experiment with the range of coffee flavours and aromas.

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On our clients’ premises

The best way to adapt to the physical setting and atmosphere our clients work in and train all members of the team who come into contact with our coffees and teas.

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At the Balearic Islands Hotel School

Marabans Coffee & Tea has been part of the training team at the Escola d'Hoteleria de les Illes Balears (EHIB) since 2003. There, we have the privilege of training hotel management students and restaurant technicians. We teach courses with the hope of positioning the world of coffee and giving it the space it deserves. Spreading coffee culture through knowledge and teaching.

Training in the Marabans Experience guarantees that the characteristics of our blends and teas are in line with our quality seal.