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Make a difference to your business with Marabans

Choosing the right coffee for your business is a crucial decision. In addition to helping you build customer loyalty, it denotes a special sensitivity to detail and excellence.

Here at Marabans Coffee & Tea, we make a personalized proposal for each of our clients, accompanying and guiding them every step of the way, ensuring that their customers are aware of their commitment and determination to offer them the very best products.

In addition to the short-term results, choosing Marabans also has long-term benefits: satisfied customers who will associate your brand with quality and excellence.

One of our priorities is to ensure our customers to get the best out of Marabans coffee. For this reason, we will teach you how to treat our coffee in the best way possible and stand out from the competition.

This is achieved thanks to the ongoing training delivered by our experienced manager, Joan Simó, a qualified teacher in coffee training, as certified by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).

What’s more, as part of our desire to tailor our offer to our customers’ availability, we can provide training either on-site or in our own classroom and laboratory, enabling us to adapt to their specific needs.

In addition, we make monthly visits to ensure the equipment is properly maintained and provide support and assistance for all Marabans coffee shops.

Marabans is a guarantee of success, added value and an investment for the future. Satisfied customers and a commitment to differentiation and quality.

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Personalized service

We conduct a study of your business to offer you the best equipment solution, tailored to your needs.

Our 24/7 service, available 365 days a year, is the essence of our service. Our team of equipment and coffee experts are responsible for ensuring each client receives the very best product. We provide equipment maintenance services and solutions for any possible problems that may arise.

At Marabans Coffee & Tea we are always here for you.

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These are our specialized products for the catering industry