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You are not alone

We'd love you to have a little bit of us in your shop! 

At Marabans Coffee & Tea our aim is to make it easy for your customers to experience our essence and enjoy their Marabans Moment whenever they wish.

We would like to turn your customers' shopping process a unique experience thanks to your establishment and our products.

Would you like to be an original Marabans point of sale? Discover what it would be like to be one of our brand’s partners!

Being part of the Marabans family is a privilege that is now possible for your store.

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Marabans in your home: professional quality

We know that there's nothing like enjoying your first coffee of the morning at home, especially if it's your favourite coffee. That's why here at Marabans our product is available in domestic formats for stores.

We craft coffees that are perfect for drinking at home, with a grind size and roast that are specific for coffee machines for home use.

Stock Marabans coffee in your establishment, food store or gourmet shop, etc. and your customers will be able to purchase premium coffee.

All our coffees come in 250 gram tins in ground or bean format.

We also supply takeaway Eco Bamboo Fibre Cup with a lid and silicone band: perfect for enjoying a Marabans hot drink wherever and however you want.

We also offer your customers a reusable Marabans ceramic mug. A luxury item available to a privileged few.

Marabans knows how to turn drinking a coffee at home into an authentic Marabans moment.

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Marabans means coffee, but also tea.

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We couldn’t conceive one without the other.

Marabans Coffee & Tea has seven ranges of teas and infusions, available in two formats: loose leaf and leaf packaged in individual pyramid bags.

The pyramid format, totally biodegradable, is a practical way of drinking natural tea without the need for filtering and obtaining an infusion rich in aroma, colour and flavour.

Do you want to be an original Marabans Sales Point?