Marabans means coffee, but also tea

We couldn’t conceive one without the other.

Marabans has seven ranges of teas and infusions, available in various formats: loose leaf and leaf packaged in individual pyramid bags.  

Pyramid bags are a practical way of enjoying tea in natural fibre format without having to use a strainer. The result is a delicious infusion that is rich in aroma, colour and flavour.

True to our eco-friendly line, our pyramids are made from a biodegradable natural fibre. This innovative and ecological material eliminates the need for a strainer, without affecting the flavour of the infusion or impacting on the environment.

Our 7 ranges include classic combinations such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey black teas, or exceptional and innovative master blends such as the “Summer Silhouette” Pu Erh red tea with green tea, strawberry, kiwi, hibiscus, jasmine, apple and wild rose or chocolate and coconut rooibos.

Discover our range of teas and infusions, crafted for professionals and produced with meticulous care and attention.

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