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Marabans Experiences en Protur Chef 23

From 16th to 19th March, the national cooking school competition "Protur Chef" will be held in Sa Coma.

As it could not be otherwise, Marabans Coffee & Tea is once again collaborating in this exciting gastronomic adventure.

Gastro Weekend Protur Chef 2023, dGastro Weekend Protur Chef 2023, during these days, there will be free workshops and gastronomic show cooking for adults and children.

“How to prepare the best coffee at home" is our workshop and will be held on Saturday 18th March at 16:00 at Protur Biomar Sensatori Resort in Sa Coma.

What will you learn at this coffee workshop?

In this workshop you will learn all the tricks to prepare a good coffee at home and you will discover different techniques to get the most profit from your coffee machine.

Why this coffee workshop?

Every day more and more of us want to enjoy coffee at home, but we don't know how to prepare it correctly and we don't get the best results from our coffee machine. For this reason from Marabans Coffee & Tea, together with our Experience Manager, we have prepared a specific workshop for all coffee lovers, so that we can learn how to make the best coffee at home using traditional coffee makers (the coffee machines that we have at home) such as; Italian, Melita coffee maker or the French press.

Who teaches the workshop?

Joan Simó, Experience Manager of Marabans, will teach participants some "coffee tricks" and give practical tips to prepare coffee at home in the most professional way, and will also teach all the participants how to emulsify the milk to get the perfect latte or coffee with cream milk.

During the workshop, which is totally free, as well as showing and teaching the art of making good coffee at home, there will also be a free coffee tasting for all those attending the workshop.

Click on this link if you want to know more about Protur chef, its workshops and competitions...

Meet us on Saturday at 16:00h for a cup of coffee?


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