Gourmet Mango Sauce
Gourmet Mango Sauce
Gourmet Mango Sauce
Gourmet Mango Sauce
Gourmet Mango Sauce
Gourmet Mango Sauce

Gourmet Mango Sauce

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Our concentrated mango sauce offers a highly intense flavor and is designed to enhance your beverages, giving them a special and professional touch.

The exquisite tropical taste of mango is intensified in every drop of this concentrated sauce. Perfect for soothies, sodas, and cold beverages, this topping adds a touch of sweetness and freshness to your creations.

Furthermore, our product is gluten-free and has obtained the Halal certification accredited by Halal Italia.

Enjoy irresistible drinks with our mango sauce.

Creamy sauce with mango flavor.

Cocktail topping, thanks to its texture and flavor, is ideal to combine with yogurt frappes and smoothies.

Perfect to give a special touch to your desserts.

Mango adds a tropical and refreshing touch, while its smooth texture pairs perfectly with cold drinks.

It is a versatile option that adds an exotic and captivating flavor to your drinks.

Creamy mango-flavored sauce is a delightful combination of sweetness and creaminess.

Ingredients: Sugar, Mango puree (20%), Orange juice Glucose syrup, Acidifying citric acid, Acidity regulator E 331 Thickener E 44, Flavors, Color E 160a .

Size: 695 ml 950 g.

Shake it before using. Without gluten. 


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