Marabans Special Edition coffee beans


The green coffee is roasted to a temperature of 220° C then cooled and packing

on vacuum bag, bags are sealed then 6 of them are placed into a case.

Product is approved to meet Spanish health and safety requirements; product is

100% pure roasted coffee.

1 kilo.

The delicacy and sweetness of this Special Edition, place this blend among the finest traditional coffees.

Aromatic cup, round and velvery body with subtle notes of cocoa, vanilla and orange.

Cream of multiple hues.

We select these 6 origin of this arabica 100% to produce a Special editon Blend.

The coffee of the perfect cream, the one that evokes unique feelings: the one that makes you ask for a second cup.

Numer of origins: 6

  • Body: mellow
  • Cream: rich, nut-coloured and tiger-striped
  • Acidity: low
  • Aromas: vanilla, cocoa &orange

Data sheet

1 kilo
Coffee format

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