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What is a triangular coffee cupping

A triangular coffee tasting is a special form of cupping in which three different coffee samples are compared.

The main idea is to identify which of the three samples is different from the other two.

This method is used to evaluate the quality and unique characteristics of coffee beans.

In our triangular coffee tasting workshops, participants learn to develop their sensory skills and identify subtle differences in the aroma, taste and texture of coffee. Here is a simple description of how the coffee tasting workshop would be conducted:

Preparing the samples: Joan Simó provides three cups of coffee, two of which are identical (the "control sample") and the third is different (the "test sample"). The samples will be prepared in such a way that attendees do not know which is which.

Visual assessment:

Participants will observe the appearance of each coffee cup, paying attention to factors such as colour and clarity.

Olfactory assessment:

They will then smell each cup of coffee to identify differences in aroma. They can describe the fragrance notes they perceive.

Taste evaluation:

They will then taste each cup of coffee and evaluate the taste, acidity, body and other attributes. They should try to identify the cup that is different from the other two.

Feedback and Discuss:

Once all participants have made their evaluations, a group "discussion" is held to share impressions and try to identify the different sample. This encourages the exchange of opinions and the building of collective knowledge.

The ultimate aim of a triangular coffee cupping is to hone the tasting skills of the attendees and help them identify unique characteristics in coffee, which can be useful for coffee lovers, baristas and producers looking to improve the quality of their beans.


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