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What is an Affogato?

The origin of this creamy and sweet drink is Italian, and if you want to know more about the word "affogato" translated into English is "drowned".

It makes sense its translation because, in this delicious combination of flavors and textures we "drown" the ice cream in the coffee.

The affogato is a drink (or dessert) made mainly with two ingredients: ice cream and espresso coffee.

The classic recipe is with vanilla ice cream, but since there are so many flavors on the market; chocolate, cream, bailey's ice cream, whiskey ice cream... We believe that, depending on the taste of each person, an exception can be made and change the flavor of the ice cream to perfectly suit our tastes, and enjoy even more of this exquisite combination.

To drink it correctly, pour the espresso coffee over the scoop of ice cream and enjoy this combination of flavors, textures and this contrast of hot and cold.

The affogato combines two pleasures in one; coffee and ice cream.

Earlier we mentioned in parentheses whether the affogato was a dessert, this is because in many restaurants it is served as a dessert, and in specialty coffee shops it is served as a drink. In addition, several experts in mixology with coffee believe that it is more of a dessert.

What do you think?

There is also an alcoholic version, known as affogato corretto. In Italy it is made with grappa and pomace, however, we recommend trying it with different liquors, and in Marabans Coffee Lounge we prepare it with coffee liqueur.

If you have been left wanting to enjoy "two pleasures in one" do not worry, in our bistro in Can Picafort, Marabans Coffee Lounge, or in the heart of Palma in Marabans Coffee Shop you can enjoy our affogatos with the artisan ice creams of "Sa Gelateria".

So... would you have affogato as a drink or as a dessert?

  #MarabansSummer Enjoy it!



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