More than 25 years ago, Marabans Coffee & Tea began its Mallorcan venture based on a coffee philosophy that was radically different from the approach usually found in the hotel and restaurant sectors.

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The values were clear: premium quality ingredients, training for the sector, and a clear focus on brewing perfect coffee every time and offering clients our unique, personalised service.

We are pioneers in Latte Art, and also in working exclusively with natural and 100% Arabic blends.

We can proudly say that Marabans Coffee & Tea spearheaded the consumption of high-altitude coffees on Mallorca. Numerous restaurants and coffee shops have opted for quality, offering their customers a Premium product. Since day one, we have accompanied them on this journey. #YouAreNotAlone.

A philosophy that has remained unchanged over the years, endorsed by more than 1,500 clients.

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We are grateful for our partners ongoing trust in Marabans, and their commitment to quality and excellent service.